Grow into the leader you are meant to be!

Leadership development program customized to fit YOUR level of experience & skill.

Personalized coaching to guide you every step of the way.

Sustainable & measurable improvements.

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Star Culture and You!

Learn how the Star Culture leadership
development program can improve your business.

2017 Top 10 Employee Engagement Solutions Features Star Culture

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Developing your leadership skills is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Use anonymous and honest employee engagement surveys to guide your leadership development program

Review the results with your Executive Coach to identify areas of opportunity and create specific action steps

Develop your leadership skills through easy-to-follow video tutorials and one-to-one coaching

Watch a sample training video:

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Your Roadmap to an Exceptional Leadership Development Program

Here is a look at a year in the life of Star Culture.

The first 30 days

The kickoff

The Star Culture team shares the high level overview with everyone in your company who will be involved, so the whole team is on the same page.

Learning the in’s and out’s

You have your own online dashboard for sending out the employee engagement surveys, downloading results, and accessing the prescribed leadership training program.

Your Executive Coach walks you through detailed instructions so you know how to log in, send out employee engagement surveys, access results, access your leadership development training, and more.

After the walk-through, you receive an email with log in details, in addition to video recaps for review.

Time to gather employee feedback

Employee engagement surveys identify your greatest areas of opportunity, so your leadership development program is tailored specifically to your needs.

The employee engagement surveys are quickly and easily delivered to employees via email.

Whether they are down the hall or working remotely, Star Culture provides the opportunity to include ALL employees in the feedback process so no one’s voice goes unheard.

What did you learn?

Since all results are digitally recorded, your dashboard is filled with the results as soon as the employee engagement survey is complete.

In addition, the results are broken down by category and by individual question, and can also be downloaded via pdf report.

You and your Executive Coach review the results together on a call so you understand the overall health of your organization and prioritize your goals.

Plotting the course

The employee engagement survey provides an in-depth look at how employees feel about their job, the workplace, and management.

Based on the results from the assessment, a specific leadership development program is laid out for you.

The key to your Continuous Improvement


Your Executive Coach is with you every step of the way. Once a month, you have a 30 minute personal coaching call so you can review progress, work through challenges, and plan action steps.

Training begins with the area identified in the employee engagement survey as the greatest opportunity for growth.

You review the core module for that category, along with online live forums hosted by the Star Culture Executive Coaching Team.

Tracking & measuring improvement

At the close of the first 6 months, a second employee engagement survey is launched so you can track and measure the areas where you have improved.

The follow up employee engagement surveys also provide guidance for other learning opportunities as well as course correction.

The Power of Star Culture

Listen to how the Star Culture leadership development program has changed the way people are doing business

BPR Properties

Using Star Culture has had a dramatic affect

Watch the video to find out just how much

Cat Horn

General Manager
Olive Garden

Cat is an amazing manager, listen to her talk about the 4 things that were improved in her restaurant!

Business Impact Studies

Read how the Star Culture leadership development program helped a variety of companies build motivation and enthusiasm among their employees, and ultimately increase customer satisfaction. Imagine how the Star Culture leadership development program can help you achieve your goals!

Star Culture Materials Preview

Each leadership development program includes videos, a printed module, and a follow-along workbook like you see below. Coaching is the bonus course that accents the five main Star Culture courses: Communication, Motivation, Leadership,  Rewards & Recognition, and Development.

5 Core Modules + 1 Bonus Module

Bonus Module: Coaching

The Coaches Mindset



Downloadable Materials With Every Module

Check out a sample of the mini ebooks available with each module

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