[VIDEO] 4 Steps for Creating An Achieving Culture: Do Your Employees Know How to Win?

“Anytime humans are involved in anything motive is an area to be dealt with. Why should an employee give his all for you and your company?”

Do your employees know how to win?

Creating an achieving culture is so important.

Nobody wants to feel like a loser—especially at work.

But being a winner is all about how you define success.

So step in and help them!


1 – Give Employees Direction

Give them direction on the meaning of success in their respective jobs.  

Set a target for them to aim at, a direction for them to pursue.

Once they can visualize what success would look like for them, they will be much more motivated to achieve it.

Remember, it’s impossible to hit a bullseye if you have no idea where the target is!

2 – Give Employees Goals

Now that you’ve established a target, set meaningful and manageable tasks so they can learn what it’s like to win.

Give them goals that they can accomplish so they begin to understand what success tastes like.

And then set that big, audacious goal.

By building their confidence in the little things, it will empower them to know that they can win and they can meet expectations in the big things as well.

Unbridled Elaine

This idea is perfectly encapsulated in the story of a racehorse named Unbridled Elaine. A couple of weeks before the 2001 Breeder’s cup, Unbridled Elaine was the strong favorite to win. But due to an unfortunate sequence of events, she dropped off of the radar and everyone lost interest— and rightfully so. On the day of the big race, she had a poor start. With 3/8 of a mile left, she was second to last, trapped in the middle of the pack. But right when it seemed like the race was over for her, her jockey Pat Day gave her the “go” to run. She tripped, moved to the outside, and ran the race of her life. With giant strides, Unbridled Elaine sprinted across the finish line, and won the 2001 Breeder’s Cup. People were on their feet, cheering in amazement. The race was one for the books.  

But it was the training that happened before the race that was most important. Before the cup, Unbridled Elaine was strategically placed in races to win. Her owner, Roger Davenport, wanted her to know what victory tasted like. He didn’t want a horse that 1) was okay with losing or 2) didn’t know what it took to win. He placed her in races where he knew she would learn what victory felt like. And then he put her in one of the most prestigious cups – The Breeders Cup – to win. The day of the race, she was calm and cool in the hands of her jockey. She knew what she had to do to win. So when Day gave her the “go,” she immediately responded and did what she was bred and trained to do – win.

3 – Train Them to Achieve

Unbridled Elaine’s story is incredible, and has strong parallels for management.

If your team has never tasted victory, and doesn’t know what it takes to achieve work goals, how can you expect them to bring home the gold?

Aristotle said, “Excellence is an art won by training and habituation We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.”

If you want a team that excels, you must train them in continued excellence.

Train them to achieve.  

Teach them to win.

4 – Embrace a Winning Atmosphere

Once you have built up a culture of achievement in your workplace, it will ignite a fire in your employees.

People like to win; they like to feel good when they come home.

A strong winning atmosphere makes people proud to work, and causes them to speak about their work in a positive way.

It will empower them to promote your business as well!

It may seem like an unbelievable domino effect, but speech is a powerful, powerful tool.

If your employees know exactly how they are contributing to success and they know what they are achieving, they will get excited and share about it with others.

The positive buzz will draw others in.

And the amazing thing is, once your employees enjoy their work, they will increase their motivation and willingly put in that extra effort to become an Employee-preneur.

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